Correct behavior?

I just resequence! 😱

I’m pretty sure there’s a tutorial covering this, I’ll try to find it.

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12:30 into the perfect ATC test, Tyler says since an aircraft is already cleared to land, you re-sequence, and it’s not necessary to re-clear.

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Tutorial is here: Tower Arrivals

Tyler notes if original plan not working out, simply resequence. Previously issued landing clearance remains valid.

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So, noted a couple of times in tutorials…

We’d take it better and deliberate if you weren’t trying to tell our controllers they were doing it wrong- not once, but twice, and then failing to refer to the tutorials. Just sayin.’ The method doesn’t apply for our FAA rapport.

(Insert shrug here)

P.S- it’s a hassle when resequencing multiple times. Sequence, cancel, reclear, scroll, cancel, re sequence, reclear. Gets old fast when you need to shuffle heavy traffic around.


We don’t even have a cancel landing clearance command 😂

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Yes we do bby

Landing clearance? We have a cancel takeoff clearance, I’ve never seen one for landing.

I would do continuous right 360’s

Scroll down to #10 at the bottom of the sequencing list. I didn’t even know it was there. Neither did the boss. Probably left over from the early days.

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