Correct arrival/ departure procedures in Hawaii

I have seen a lot of people in PHNL departing straight out of RWY 8L/R and 4L/R, but in real life they DO NOT take off straight because of the terrain and the noise, also using 8L is only used for landings, and Hawaiian 717’s/ Southwest 737 (interisland) taking off in the morning/ night when there is no traffic, so please when you depart make a right turn towards the Pacific Ocean and fly along the coastline of Waikiki. Also when arriving from the mainland do not descend from the west side of Oahu. Descend on the east side of Oahu, between Oahu and Molokai, then make a left turn after you make a couple miles south of Oahu, and then fly east until you get to the start of the Localizer, turn base, then turn base again, and then follow the path down to the runway. When landing in a Hawaiian 717-200, you don’t fly the instrumental approach you fly a visual approach
Correct departure route when using 8R/L

This is the visual approach for runway 8L for a Hawaiian 717, and to only be used for this aircraft, see here, you have to time it right.

This is the ILS approach for RWY 8L, this is for aircrafts that are not a boeing 717 from Hawaiian.
note: If there is strong east winds, all aircrafts are forced to use 8L.

4R is used during night time if there is the normal trade wind pattern, its the same as the 8L approach, but instead you break and you follow the 4R localizer.
note: if there is super strong trade winds all aircrafts will be forced to land using 4R
Another note: 4L is only used for GA aircrafts.
Another note!: Never take off from 4R or 4L, due to terrain 4R and 4L are not allowed to be used for takeoff. But there is a exception. 4R/ L is only used for small prop planes, like the TBM, and the cassena prop family, when you lift off turn right and fly along the coast.

Kona Wind ops:

Kona winds are basically south to west winds, these bring hot humidity to the islands, and the approach is different to the normal 8L and 8R approaches

note: if the winds are northwest, and it says 4R/L and 26L/R is active only use 26L for arrivals and 26R/L for departures. Also do not land straight in to runway 26R or 26L because of terrain again.

FlightAware_HNL_IAP_RNAV (RNP) RWY 26L
Approach for RWY 26L at PHNL. RWY 26R is not used for landings anymore.
Departing runway 26R/L: when taking off from these runways make a left turn and not straight nor right turns, 26L is used sometimes for departing aircrafts to, 22L/R is used for departing too, continue straight, then make a left turn or right turn. 22R is only used for single props.

Arrival in PHTO:

normally in the daytime hours 08 is used for departing and arriving aircrafts, when approaching runway 08, you do not fly that fake GPS path, because there is a permanent flight restriction due to the mountains and a air base. So they invented the RWY 08 visual approach. There is also no room for error

in the morning hours, a cool mountain breeze blows from the nearby mountain of Mauna Kea, and that means runway 26 will be in use, taking off from this runway is like the visual 08 approach but reversed, you take a right turn to fly along the coastline.

in PHKO, take a right turn when taking off from runway 17, and straight out/ a left turn out of RWY 35.

I know all of the procedures because i live somewhere in this region.

Edit: Also when the winds ae calm in PHNL use normal runway procedures, 8R/L, 4R/L.


Unfortunately you can’t tell pilot to follow this, but always a great reminder.


oh and i forgot to add, that 8R for landing is only used for emergency’s.

i know, im not forcing them to do it.

Unfortunately, not all pilots will want to do this and you can’t make them. Atleast it will be more likely to happen with 20.1

Even though all pilots wont follow this. thx for reminding the community this will be helpful for those who arent familiarized with the terrain 👍🏽


Thank you! i will keep that in Mind as Hawaii is my most flown to Destination!

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As the VA director for Aloha Virtual, this is a great reminder. Thank you for keeping it professional!


This will probably fixed abit with the addition of SIDs and STARs into IF

It’s little things like this that I wish I knew how to do but probably will never remember. Thanks for letting us know.

Bookmarked, been a favourite destination of mine. Thank you so much for this!

I fly into Hawaii a lot so this will definitely be helpful, in addition to using the charts, bookmarked!

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