correct armed Spoilers

Hello everyone, Today to add realism to the Sim I would like to make a request for spoilerons.
When Pilot is on the ground or in the sky there’s two ways to have the spoilers armed, one way where they aren’t deployed and act with the ailerons.
Which would look Like this

Then when we all know when they are fully deployed and kill the lift on the wing after landing.

Thanks for stopping by and please give your opinions on this

There is no picture below that line of text.


I had to get the pictures, it’s there now

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1 photo per feature request pretty please with sugar on top. 😉


I think we need this, I find them pretty cool

@DeerCrusher, What happened to the cherry?

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@LGAspotter… MaxSez: Good Topic, but remember Google is your Friend;


Spoilerons are simply spoilers that work like ailerons. A spoiler raises on the down-going wing and spoils airflow, reducing lift. That wing then drops, allowing the airplane to roll. Although spoilerons can replace ailerons, they usually work in tandem with ailerons and are typically found on fast jets.

(WWW, Photo, Public Domaine, KISS is the key to a good IF Topic)


Ok, thanks for the knowledge.
You know alot, were you ever able pilot or mechanic for aircrafts?

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@ORDspotter… MaxSez, Yes, but I’m old now with time on my hands. Just wanna pass it on till I croke! LOL


I want to add to this that there are ailerons & there is a setting to couple the ailerons & the rudder. (Seen below) to me this is pretty close to what you are asking for. I might have misunderstood what @ORDspotter is saying and i apologize if i did.

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Flaperon is correct namefound in type 787, 777

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No, when the spoilers are armed and they move with the ailerons


Yeah! Ive been wanting this for a long time but never knew what to call them!

I think this has been requested before,

i think at some point the devs said that the game engine that they are using for development doesn’t support this type of coding yet

Long live the Muzza!

This is something which needs adding. Minor details make for a perfect sim. In addition, flaperon is also something that needs adding.

I believe this is actually called a lift spoiler where it helps to turn the aircraft

This topic is more detailed than the one you are indicating hence it was closed.

I like this request. It adds realism to the SIM and is something that will make the sim more detailed. Vote on the way 😉

Wait, spoilerons works in 787, so I think that they will appear in the next planes.