Correct Airline Terminals

Hey guys. I hope all is well. I’ve been browsing the forum and saw a feature request for Specific Gate Assignments and thought a good thing to go along with that would be correct airline terminals.

I would imagine the airline that uses that terminal would be named beside the gate number. In this example it would be “Concourse A05 - Delta” and same thing with different gates to different airlines.

This could be done by just adding the correct airline to said gate by the IFAET. This would be a great start to specific gates and improve realism!

IFAET will be naming terminals and gates in correlation to their real world labelings. That said, using your example photo, Concourse A, Gate A05 is the correct way to label them. Adding the airline name to the gate isn’t something that would correspond with real world phraseology. Reason why is ATC already knows where aircraft are parking because of the livery they wear.


oh I had no idea IFAET we’re gonna be doing that anyway!

I figured this would be easier for us ATC to use if “drag and taxi” was ever implemented cause then we could just taxi them in the direction of their gate:)

more I think about it, probably wouldn’t be much use until something like that was implemented:)