Correct Airbus throttle & sidestick movement

There are currently some innacuracies in Infinite Flight when it comes to the movement of Airbus throttles and sidesticks. Read below for issue details and suggested updates.

  1. Throttles
    Issue: While in autothrottle, the throttles move in the 3D cockpit. In real life, Airbus 320/330/340 & 380 throttles do not move while auto throttle is engaged. To my knowledge this movement feature is only found in Boeing and MD products.

Solution: Update all Airbus aircraft in IF so that throttles do not move in 3D cockpit when autothrottle is engaged.

  1. Sidesticks
    Issue: F/O sidestick in 3D cockpit moves simultaneously with Captains sidestick. In real life, the sidesticks are not mechanically linked in the same way that control columns are linked in Boeing and MD products.

Solution: update all Airbus aircraft in IF so that the F/O’s sidestick does not move when the Captains does.

When youre flying manually you dont even look at the f/o joystick so idk how this bothers you, yeah its not as realistic but tbh this doesnt bother me


I do like this idea, but I think that the side stick is more important. But great request!

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What I care about is realism. That’s why I’d like for this to be fixed. Obviously I don’t stare at the F/O’s sidestick while I’m hand flying


rather interesting idea but, it’s a very very small detail in the real system
so i don’t think this is necesary


Dang! You capture the small little details wrong with the sim! XD

My suggestion is that you just enjoy it. Unless the side stick was a huge feature in IF, I wouldn’t bother with it too much.


Not being a jerk but I’m all about realism when it comes to sims.

I enjoy IF but there’s always room for improvement.

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I’m going to revive this instead of making a new topic because this one lists the problems really well. This has been bugging me recently, I’d love for this to get some attention at some point…

The F/O stick was static for sometimes before they brought the copilot view right?

I don’t think so, but maybe. I just know that right now they both move, and I believe the throttle is still incorrect. The A350 may be different I haven’t flown it so I won’t pass judgment there till I know. Either way I’d love to see this fixed in the other Airbus models…

I’ve been looking back through at the A320,321,332F,346,388 that I have access to, and there is a lot of variation as to how the cockpits work. The A32X has both side sticks move and the throttle move with AT, the A330F and 340 have the same but the captains stick doesn’t seem to do pitch, is that just me? The 380 has both sticks move, but the throttle doesn’t move at all, so 🤷🏻‍♂️

Clearly there’s a lot of work to be done, and I don’t expect all Airbus aircraft to be updated at once, but as they get reworked/added I would love to see this be focused on…

In real life, Airbus Side Sticks and throttles only move when actuated by A pilot: The sidesticks don’t move in unison because they aren’t linked like a yoke. They do not have artificial feedback, only spring force. They also don’t move when the autopilot is on. Only when the pilot flying moves the stick.

These aspects of The Airbus sidestick are a much debated issue. I hope that Airbus implements active sidestick technology in future models as it would add tremendous value, but that’s just my opinion.

The throttles only move when they are actuated by a pilot. They are not back driven like the throttles on a Boeing product which move when the auto throttle is engaged.

This is another aspect of Airbus aircraft that is widely debated.

Overall, I think IF should fix sidestick and throttle behavior on their Airbus fleet so that folks can experience these real life characteristics in the sim. It can give you a good feel for how different flying an Airbus vs Boeing can be.

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