Corporate Virtual Airlines

I am pleased to announce the startup of Corporate Virtual Airlines! What do you do when all the other airlines have been taken, you create a virtual airline dedicated to the generic/private liveries on all aircraft!

With Corporate Virtual Airlines, there is no aircraft or route restrictions! You simply fly wherever you want, and you file your flight! It’s that simple!

If you would like to apply, please visit our website here!
All pilots must pass a PILOT’S EXAM and a ATC Proficiency Test, scoring with a percentage of 80% or higher. Currently we are not accepting applications from grade 1 pilots.

Professional and Experienced Pilots!
At Corporate Virtual Airlines, we pride ourselves in having professional, experienced pilots. Each of our pilots undergoes a pilot’s exam, in which the testing pilot must score 80% and above, then the pilot must pass a ATC Proficiency Test.

Modern Airfleet
At Corporate Virtual Airlines, we pride ourselves in having an extremely modern fleet. Apply today and join us in welcoming our newest aircraft, the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner!

Our Routes
Flying with Corporate Virtual Airlines is a step above the rest. We offer routes across America and the free world, with more than 1,000 destinations at all major airports!

Corporate Virtual Airlines - Our Pride, Your Joy


Looks interesting. Good Luck


Just so you, if you want people to join your airlines, I wouldn’t qoute the FAR/AIM as most people don’t even know what that is. Just a suggesrion.

Best of luck to you from NetJets VA!!


Good luck from Redwings!

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Thanks for the suggestion! What’s FAR/AIM

I’m gonna be very frank with yall, but the “exam” even though there are questions that concerns real flight, they are all mostly still irrelevant when flying with Infinite Flight :)

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It stands for Federal Aviation Regulations/Aeronautical Information Manual.

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Good luck in setting this up. One suggestion. The test is very hard and has nothing to do with IF which will put many people off. Just a suggestion

I agree , they are too hard and completely out of context within Infinite flight !

Good luck thou @JacobVanZanten with your new VA …👍🏼

What are some of the test questions? :)

It is all in the application form …

@JacobVanZanten- Hope you don’t mind me posting this ?

Ah, thank you.

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Wow you set FAA qns not knowing their manuals and books…

The test is all pretty easy. I wouldn’t complain about it; it’s not rocket science.


The point is, the sciences behind flight in Infinite Flight is totally irrelevant towards the questions

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True, point made.

Ok the test is changed, thank you for all of your suggestions. The minimum passing rate is now 80%

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Nah it’s fine

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I didn’t read the manual, this is just basic aviation knowledge that you clearly don’t understand! Many people have already commented on the test, and I have changed it, so please stop complaining