Corporate Retreat @ Caribbean - 170600ZMAY19

Ayyyyy, my home in the poll. Looking forward to this as today and Saturday is carnival in Cayman so Friday gives some good down time to fly.

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I love corporate themes! Can’t wait another great FNF!

Hey, The 737BBJ has a 12hr flight range, right?


Aw this looks fun. Too bad I won’t be able to come since I got reported and I am temporarily a grade 2.


Just a curious question. Are we not permitted to fly in and out if these airports period? Not even fly and not interfere with the event?


If they weren’t, everyone would fly from them to the other airports that are open, especially TNCM.

This would result in:

  • Less traffic for other open airports
  • Poor behaviour at those busy airport without ATC such as TNCM

On top of that, this event is across the whole region, and there are event airports where traffic is being directed. If I could, I would close all non-event airports in the area.


Hey Misha, whats the largest these airports can handel, a 75 or what.

Most can handle any aircraft up to a 747

Don’t know. Have a look for yourself. I’m not here to help you plan your flights 😉


Oh, still, a 12hr Corprated A340 flight from Dubai is good.

Sorry, just can Use phone at school.

Great looking FNF! I love the FNF’s that do not focus on a singular airport, but are in a region.

looking forward to some great TBM flying around this area


Understandable. As a controller whom has opened TNCM myself on the Expert Server, I can safely say you have made the appropriate choice here. It is already an disaster as it is, so being FNF, could be a nightmare

This is such a cool event! Expecting turquoise waters when I fly in tomorrow! 😎

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I’m getting closer to 15

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so we cannot fly to or from TNCM?

Affirmative. You may not fly in or out of TNCM tomorrow

Yaay Sangster Int’l my island represented.

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I’m still stuck in Vancouver. Haven’t been able to fly the whole week. Let’s see if I can find a realistic route from CYVR to the Caribbeans. Sounds fun though.

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TNCM is a nightmare with heavy traffic… I can understand it‘s sad as its a popular Airport for sure, but the desicion to close it for the Event is just good