Corporate Pilot Life lands in Little Rock!

Hello IFC,
Earlier today, a friend of mine texted me and said that the Gulfstream from the YouTube Aviation Channel Corporate Pilot Life had landed in Little Rock. With me being in school, I didn’t get to see this plane personally but my friend that works on the ramp at Southwest was able to get some pictures and send them to me. *Not my pictures, all photos go out to my buddy Jason.

IMG_4184 IMG_4185


Now that’s one pretty bird!


I completely agree

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I thought it was a plane?


Or should it not lol, nice catch

Well since I didn’t take them. I don’t think it does


I think Shaun (Corperate Pilot Life) is changing his company and now has a Left Hand seat with a new BizJet operator.

All his old vids have been taken down at request of his previous employers, which is a shame as I enjoyed watching them and learning more about the BizJet world.

That’s correct! He did take a new job somewhere else! I just thought it was cool that my buddy got a chance to see the old CPL

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He he well I guess John and Francee might have been aboard…;-)

Jon was! My buddy got to meet him.

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