Corporate instead of generic

Well, just thought this is a good idea.
As you know, when you choose the generic livery in IF, you get a blank aircraft with no decals, while this is great for some of the VAs, like Embark, as their VA does not exist in real life, they can only use a generic aircraft.
However, in real life, you do not see a blank aircraft flying. It needs to have a registration number at least. So I am thinking instead of a generic aircraft, we have a corporate aircraft, what that means is you will still get a blank aircraft but with decals like the aircraft type, registration (maybe you can customize it?) and a line of small letters saying “leased to xxx airways” (again, maybe you can customize it?)
I think that will really improve the realistic level of the game.

Similar to this.

It is completely different


Very nice idea! We could use this for all of the aircraft in our fleet, and would be super handy.

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Hey there!

Regarding your feature request, you should add a picture to really help people see what your talking about.

You also need to make sure to vote for your own feature. Thanks!


Oh, it is kinda hard to find a corporate plane online

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See if this helps, it’s a blank 777-200 with a registration



He means aircraft with private liveries, like the ACJ liveries for the a318

Umm, actually not.
Sorry :)

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I’ve seen a DHL plane with 0 markings landing at KCVG. They do exist.

It may have no livery, but it still has a registration and necessary markings on the aircraft.


I think the generic liveries are fine for now and don’t really need much work. If customs liveries were added so you change reg and things then this would be cool but till then I think there are much better things. Suppose for IF timing is everything:)

Nah, it definitely has a registration number

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Well, an image of the aircraft would very helpful. We don’t know what your talking about. If your talking about instead of having generic liveries in ALL aircrafts have a corporate?

Well yes, I just meant no livery or anything like that. Should have specified, sorry.