Coronavirus Flight, Kalitta Air 371

On January 28th, 201 American diplomat’s, and contracts were evacuated from Wuhan China after an outbreak of the Corona Virus. The US chartered Kalitta Air, a 14 CFR 121 all cargo airlines to fly these passengers. Now here’s the question, how do you fly 201 people on a cargo jet?

Kalitta Airlines is a part of the Civil Reserve Air Fleet under the Air Mobility Command or AMC. CRAF is a group of airlines that support DoD and the US during time of emergencies. Almost every airlines is a part of this group, Kalitta along with 15 other airlines are consider “Long Range International” groups.
The last time CRAF was activated was during Operation Iraqi Freedom when Kalitta, and other cargo airlines flew weapons, vehicles ect for the US.

The State department contacted Kalitta to move people out of Wuhan back to the US with a stop in Anchorage, finally ending up at March Reserve Base, California. Here is the route of flight.

So how did a Cargo airlines become a passenger jet?!

The company installed pallet seats for the passengers, during the time of its arrival into Wuhan the crew did not leave the cockpit and the door was secured while passengers traveled inside the cargo hold. The 747 flew at a flight level of 270 when it arrived into Anchorage during the flight over the medical team onboard checked everyone twice to make sure no one was showing signs of the Corona Virus, when they arrived into Anchorage the passengers deboarded the plane to clear US Customs and once again get checked twice. Kalitta departed at 2am for March RAFB where the aircraft arrived. Everyone is being watched for three days if they are clear of the virus they will be able to return home, as for N705CK a friend of mine says it will be cleaned before heading back into service.


That is so cool, yet so creepy and scary.


This has been your informal information on insane things we do with cargo jets!

Hey you gotta do what you gotta do, however you gotta do it.

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I’m glad wasn’t in China, though it would be cool to fly a 747. Hey, whatever it takes to prevent the coronavirus from spreading.


One of the most interesting reads recently! Never knew that a cargo 747 can also be used for passenger transportation…

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Interesting…thanks for sharing!

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A lot of cargo planes still have the seat mounts, so they can be converted easily. We used to do it all the time in Cayman with our Combi 737-200

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I wish a flight without a virus was operated like that because that kind of configuration sounds really cool.

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That sounds kinda creepy to fly on a cargo plane

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Now what I don’t understand is the safety regulations. Cargo holds don’t have oxygen tanks in case of depressurization. Thus why, on regular scheduled cargo flights, anytime a pilot or other crew member wants to check on the cargo hold, they must bring an external oxygen tank and face-mask with them. How did this work?

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Oxygen tanks were installed, this comes from a Kalitta A&P

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A tad different from an all straight cargo aircraft to a combi

Sorry, I should rephrase that. The aircraft was either in a all passenger or all cargo config, not sure if it was ever both at the same time.

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Yeah! Evergreen use to do it all the time when they were around I found out also it was a very unique thing

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Fascinating. Thanks for sharing.

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My pleasure! It was super cool seeing it at my airport when it came in

I find it more interesting that the passengers are only being held for 3 days when they get back home. Considering the virus has a 10-14 day incubation period where you can carry it without showing any signs, I think that’s an extremely bad and ignorant move from whoever decided that.

It’s even worse when you consider the first US to US transfer of the virus.

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So they will be under close surveillance if they want to leave after the three days by local and state officials Incase there’s any signs of it

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