Coronavirus cause airlines to operate “ghost flights”

Yeah you heard it right. Airlines are running flight with no people in it. Wasting lots of fuel, my opinion is that with the low demand just cancel them because it’s wasting lots of fuel. There is going to be lots of pollution caused for no reason. We can use this opportunity to reduce our emissions


“ The cost of flying empty planes adds to the aviation industry’s estimated $113 billion in lost sales as people avoid traveling for fear of contracting the illness, according to the International Air Transport Association.”

  • Do you agree with canceling the flights? Yes or no

What do you think?

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I’m neutral on the issue. Cancelling these flights will have a knock-on effect to the already crippled industry.

Did you ever hear the story of Heathrow’s ghost flights?


im flying to WLG this march on virgin australia and flights went down from over $500pp to under $300pp

Unfortunately the Virus is causing a lot of things in the aviation industry, personally I think airlines need to find ways to reassure people that their flights are safe so they can make money and not go Bankrupt and cut off services to Millons of people.


Apparently today for American’s 4 daily LHR-JFK flights, it was so open that you could put all passengers on one flight and still have seats open.


Really? That’s worrying. I want to see what it looks like on the Qantas A380 I’m flying on in 2 weeks.


Wow, and that’s a cash cow of a route if there ever was one, so top tier bad to lose. That’s crazy…
check out @Ishrion’s post

I just can’t believe the impact it’s making on the aviation industry.

Gosh dang it.


It’s sad, I hope the aviation industry can recover from this but it may not happen.

The whole travel industry. Cruses may be the hardest hit. Not only do people not want to go on them at all now, but the CDC said no one over 60 or with other risk factors should go on one, and as I’m sure you can imagine that’s a high proportion of there audience being told not to go, and what portion of the rest is going to want to go now 🤷🏻‍♂️

That warning also pertains to air travel, so that should be another gut punch…


Hey @Ishrion, as you wrote the A380 article, I figured I should ask you;

Are they keeping the A380 on the LA - Melbourne route?

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I really hope this drives down prices, especially for the KLM 747M flight from JFK-AMS I’m taking a look at

I just pray to God it can.

If you all saw the topic on Korean Air having financial troubles you know this may not end well

look here @TRDubh

After what happened with FlyBe, it most likely won’t.

Checked it out and guess I’m flying a dreamliner 🤮

787s aren’t that bad