Corona Travel! Trip Report KSEA-KATL-LFPG

Hello IFC,

Here is a trip report from my most recent trip, KSEA-LFPG with a stop in KATL.

I booked the tickets 6 months in advance to have a direct flight, and one fateful night 2 days before the departure date, I get an email… cancelled due to cowona… so it’s KATL time!

As an avgeek, that was actually good news :)


Here we go.


I wake up at 4AM… It’s not cold but I feel freezing because I woke up too early…

I put on my mask and climb into an Uber at sunrise, and have a pretty nice ride to the airport.

I thank the driver, and enter KSEA. There… was nobody there… not a single soul… but I still take some hand sanitizer upon entry. I then move on to the checin desk, where I get my boarding pass and 6 Delta tags because why not :P

I meant… EMPTY empty

Anyways, I move on to TSA, where they give me a lil gift bag with a mask in it, and after a very scary 10 seconds of being patted down by a buff TSA agent, they concluded I had no shampoo on me, so I was clear to go.

I tried going to the delta lounge… closed



BTW If you ever go to KSEA and have some time on your hands, go to the B or S gates for planespotting (and get nice airplane models at planewear in concourse B) ;)

After a small hour of planespotting and having spot requests, @SB110 :), it was time to board the 737-900 with scimitars that was going to take me to KATL.

I swiped my hands against the cold fuselage as usual, and got a pic of a shiny plane!

I boarded, and felt like the only one on the flight, here is a pic to illustrate the emptyness:

I arrived to my seat and honestly I have nothing to say… it was an airplane seat and… uhh… it was blue and it had a window and some IFE on it.

Before doing anything, I wiped every surface around me with clorox wipes

finger reveal
Thanks to Corona, I had a whole 6-seat row to myself!

After everyone had boarded (about 40 people), it was pushback time!

Honestly not an eventful taxi… except for the fact that we were behind a More to love 737 that was behind a More To Love A321NEO and I saw both takeoff…

As we took off (also an uneventful takeoff), I saw the cascades :)

We went through the average 57 layers of cloud above Seattle, and started cruising!
I flew above KMWH which was fun to see,

and after 2 hours of looking out the window, looking for other traffic, I settled for a little nap, because running back and forth all morning is tiring!

As soon ad I dosed off, I was woken up by a plastic bag full of granola bars and wiped being yeeted on my traytable.

I enjoyed the snack, and unfortunately, I was no longer able to sleep after that…

Which was ok, because we were heading over the great plains of Nebraska, and saw a few storms. I saw lighting, but was unable to take a pic. Here is the cloud the lightning was coming out of:

I also witnessed a Karen being yelled at by FAs because she wouldn’t wear her mask…
she then sat down, and as soon as the FAs left, she took it off. She had bad looks from everyone around her, but it doesn’t really matter.

No matter what you think, WEAR. A. MASK.
We then descended into KATL, and flew very very low before touchdown!

I have no pictures of KATL as it was stressful because I had small connection times, but rest assured, it was emptier than KSEA :)

After arriving at my gate, I took a few pictures, and then boarded. I once again, wiped all surfaces and took a picture of the tower :)

After a long and boring taxi, we lined up and waited on the runway for 5 minutes due to weather. KATL had to close 3 of their runways to allow us to takeoff, as we cut above them.
Here are photos!


After that once in a lifetime turn, the flight was uneventful apart from a sunset and sunrise above the atlantic!

Once night fell, I had a nice meal. It was pasta with spinach sauce and tomato sauce on the side. I have no photos of it since my camera had died right before…
The only drink was a bottle of water due to corona…

I then slept for 5ish hours, and woke up to a nice sunset which I will not post due to photo limit but you can request additional photos below!

We had a very uneventful descent into LFPG, and an absolute butter. We didn’t even use reverse thrust, which was nice since it didn’t wake up the 3 babies around me…

We has a very short taxi to our gate, where we parket between 2 Air France A350s, which was my first time seeing one!

At LFPG, there was no sign of Corona whatsoever, everyone was maskless and crowded except for staff…

oh well… people will be people…

Well… I guess that is the end of the trip report!

I will definitely keep on editing parts that I forgot or would like to add, so this is not completely done yet :)

Thank you!


Stay safe, everyone!


and a birb for @anon38496261 and @SB110


Very nice trip report! Have fun in Baguette country! 🥖


Thank you for the kind words!


Here are some more pictures that I could not post due to the limit:


What airline did you fly on to LFPG?


Oh wow! That’s super dramatic.


Also Delta Airlines.


Thank you lol

actually no…

I didn’t make the cloud…


There’s always that one.


Wait wait wait. Did I see a Dash 8?


…Yes, I think so…



Iconic is why


Very Nice and detailed trip report! Thanks for sharing


Nice report! Those clouds look scary. And a super sharp turn!

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Nice lets see how many people understand this

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Good man 🙏


Therapist: No fuselage plane isn’t real, no fuselage plane can’t hurt you.
No fuselage plane:

All jokes aside, it’s looks cool as!


Nice trip report! Glad you were able to stay safe, and wear a mask!


Looks like it was an awesome journey back to France! Nice photos also!


Interesting. Overall Europe is very lax when it comes to masks.