Coromandel Flyout @VOMM - 260630ZAPR20 Partnered with Air India Virtual and Indigo Virtual


With Air India Virtual Airlines and Indigo Virtual Airlines, I present to you a South Indian Chennai Flyout. @AirIndiaVirtual2-@IndiGo_Virtual

Chennai International Airport:

Airport Info

Chennai International Airport is located 21 km from the city centre. It is the third busiest Airport by international traffic and cargo capacity behind Delhi and Mumbai. It is also the fourth busiest airport in India by Passenger traffic.

Airlines and Hubs: Chennai International Airport is the Hub for 4 Major Airlines.

Hub Airlines
  1. Indigo Airlines
  2. Alliance Air
  3. SpiceJet
  4. BlueDart Aviation

Focus City: Chennai International Airport is Focus City for 3 Airlines.

Focus City Airlines
  1. Air India
  2. Air India Express
  3. GoAir

Lounges: There are 5 Lavish Lounges inside Chennai International Airport. There are 2 lounges for domestic travelers and 3 lounges for international travelers where the pilots can have a gala of a time and enjoy some leisure time for themselves and relax. All the event pilots can access these airport lounges.

Airport Lounges
Lounge Name Terminal Gate Location
Travel Club Domestic Terminal Gate 1 Domestic Terminal, Airside, Domestic Departures, 3rd floor.
Travel Club Domestic Terminal Gate 5 Domestic Terminal, Airside, 3rd floor, opposite Gate 5.
Travel Club International Terminal Gate 11 International Terminal, Airside, 1st Floor, near Gate 11.
Travel Club International Terminal Gate 16 International Terminal, Airside, near Gate 16.
Travel Club International Terminal Gate 17 International Terminal, Airside, 3rd floor VIP lounge level, opposite Gate 7.

Event Information: All the information required for the event is given below please check before registering.

Event Information

Event Airport: Chennai International Airport (VOMM)
Event Date And Time: 2020-04-26T06:30:00Z
Event Server: Expert Server

Gate Information: Please do spawn at your respective gates only. Also please type you callsign while registering for gates. There are 4 types of gates.
International Gates - For International departures.
Air India Gates - All the Air India domestic and International departures are located at these gates.
Indigo Gates - All the Indigo Airlines domestic and International departures are located at these gates.
Domestic departures - All the other domestic airlines will have their departures from these gates.

International Gates
Gate Source Destination Airline Aircraft Pilot Call-Sign
Remote 093 Chennai Dubai-International Emirates B777-300ER @IFINDIA
Remote 094 Chennai London-Heathrow British Airways B787-8 @Captain_Sid British Airways 12 Super
Remote 095 Chennai Doha Qatar Airways A330
Remote 096 Chennai Mauritius Air Mauritius A330 @BlueKingGaming AIVA058
Remote 097 Chennai Tokyo-Narita ANA B787-8 @anon2790671 AIVA054
Remote 098 Chennai Tokyo-Narita ANA B787-8 @Mervin_Sui AIVA069
Remote 099 Chennai Frankfurt Lufthansa A340 @TransportForLife Lufthansa 759
Remote 101 Chennai Singapore Singapore Airlines B787-10
Remote 102 Chennai Hong Kong Cathay Pacific B777-300ER
Remote 103 Chennai Abu Dhabi Etihad B787-9
Remote 104 Chennai Paris Air France B777-200ER @Sam73628 Air France 420
Stand 043 Chennai Colombo-Bandaranaike Srilankan Airlines A330
Stand 044 Chennai Dubai-International Emirates B777-300ER
Stand 045 Chennai Addis Ababa Ethopian B787-8
Stand 046 Chennai Bahrain Gulf Air A321
Stand 047 Chennai Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Airlines B737-800
Stand 048 Chennai Dubai-International Fly-Dubai B737-800
Stand 049 Chennai Colombo-Bandaranaike SpiceJet B737-900
Stand 050 Chennai Medan Batik Air A320
Stand 050A Chennai Bali Batik Air A320
Stand 051 Chennai Denpasar Batik Air A320
Stand 052 Chennai Kuala Lumpur Batik Air A320
Stand 053 Chennai Doha Qatar Airways A321
Stand 054 Chennai Colombo-Bandaranaike SpiceJet B737-900
Stand 055 Chennai Abu Dhabi Etihad A321
Stand 056 Chennai Kuala Lumpur Air Asia A320
Stand 057 Chennai Bangkok-Don Mueang Air Asia A320
Indigo Gates
Gate Source Destination Airline Aircraft Pilot Call-Sign
Remote 069 Chennai Ahmedabad Indigo A320
Remote 070 Chennai Bhubneshwar Indigo A320
Remote 071 Chennai Bangalore Indigo A320
Remote 072 Chennai Chandigarh Indigo A320
Remote 073 Chennai Coimbatore Indigo A320
Remote 074 Chennai Delhi Indigo A320
Remote 075 Chennai Goa Indigo A320
Remote 076 Chennai Mumbai Indigo A320
Remote 077 Chennai Kochi Indigo A320
Remote 078 Chennai Kolkata Indigo A320 @shanki_paul 6EVA03
Remote 079 Chennai Kolkata Indigo A320 @Anirban_Chowdhry
Remote 080 Chennai Goa Indigo A320
Remote 081 Chennai Hyderabad Indigo A320
Remote 082 Chennai Dubai-International Indigo A320 @Bumblebee 6EVA020
Remote 083 Chennai Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi Indigo A320 @IFC-CAPT-KISHOR AIVA062
Remote 084 Chennai Doha Indigo A320
Remote 085 Chennai Colombo-Bandaranaike Indigo A320
Remote 086 Chennai Singapore Indigo A320
Remote 087 Chennai Delhi Indigo A320
Remote 088 Chennai Mumbai Indigo A320
Remote 089 Chennai Doha Indigo A320
Remote 090 Chennai Kuala Lumpur-International Indigo A320 @Aryan_Sharma 6EVA05
Remote 091 Chennai Kuwait Indigo A320
Remote 092 Chennai Visakhapatnam Indigo A320
Air India Gates
Gate Source Destination Airline Aircraft Pilot Call-Sign
Gate 001 Chennai Delhi Air India A321 @Sartaj_S AIVA052
Gate 002 Chennai Mumbai Air India A321 @DhruvChopra AIVA010
Gate 003 Chennai Bangalore Air India A321 @Harish_P_Selkey HS1217
Gate 004 Chennai Hyderabad Air India A321 @Bill_Jones AIVA057
Gate 005 Chennai Kolkata Air India A321 @Soham_Sarkar AIVA004
Gate 006 Chennai Dubai-International Air India A321 @Gopisreekanth_Chukka AIVA049
Gate 007 Chennai Muscat Air India A321 @Krsh7 AIVA007
Gate 008 Chennai Singapore Air India A321 @Sierra_Golf AIVA090
Gate 009 Chennai Colombo-Bandaranaike Air India A321 @AryaTheLivingMeme AIVA041
Gate 010 Chennai Delhi Air India A321
Gate 030 Chennai Kuwait Air India A321 @indraniel AIVA001
Gate 031 Chennai Varanasi Air India A321
Gate 032 Chennai Coimbatore Air India A321 @Noodle_Duck AIVA032
Gate 033 Chennai Kochi Air India A321 @CPTWilliam SIVATWO
Gate 034 Chennai Goa Air India A321 @Deval_Surana AIVA066
Gate 035 Chennai Sharjah Air India A321 @AKSHAY_2777 AIVA021
Gate 036 Chennai Madurai Air India A321
Domestic Gates
Gate Source Destination Airline Aircraft Pilot Call-Sign
Remote 061 Chennai Bangalore SpiceJet B737-900
Remote 062 Chennai Mumbai SpiceJet B737-900
Remote 063 Chennai Goa SpiceJet B737-900
Remote 064 Chennai Delhi SpiceJet B737-900
Remote 065 Chennai Kolkata SpiceJet B737-900
Remote 066 Chennai Hyderabad SpiceJet B737-900
Remote 067 Chennai Pune SpiceJet B737-900
Remote 068 Chennai Jaipur SpiceJet B737-900
Gate 019 Chennai Patna SpiceJet B737-900
Gate 020 Chennai Delhi SpiceJet B737-900
Gate 021 Chennai Mumbai SpiceJet B737-900
Gate 022 Chennai Varanasi SpiceJet B737-900
Gate 023 Chennai Vishakhapatnam SpiceJet B737-900
Gate 024 Chennai Madurai SpiceJet B737-900
Gate 025 Chennai Bangalore Air Asia A320
Gate 026 Chennai Delhi Air Asia A320
Gate 027 Chennai Hyderabad Air Asia A320
Gate 028 Chennai Kolkata Air Asia A320
Gate 029 Chennai Mumbai Air Asia A320

NOTAMS: Below are present some very important points to be kept in mind during the event.

  • Please maintain a good atmosphere for the event.
  • Host,Air India VA or Indigo VA will not be responsible for any type of ghosting or reporting caused during the event.
  • Please follow ATC commands if ATC is present.
  • If ATC is not there please maintain professionalism and use unicom very wisely.

Air India VA: Air India is the Flag Carrier Airline of India. It is a member of the Star Alliance Group. Being a part of Air India, pilots can fly around the world using the routes of their codeshare partners.

Air India VA details
  • Check out the Air India Virtual Airlines thread given below for more details on joining the Air India Virtual Airlines.
    [NEW!] Air India Virtual | Official Thread | 2020
  • All the Air India virtual pilots will get 1.5X multiplier for attending this event.

Indigo VA: Indigo Airlines is an Indian Low cost airline based in Gurugram, Haryana, India. Indigo has the largest market share of 47.5% in India. Indigo operates 1500 daily flights to 87 destinations - 63 domestic and 24 international.

Indigo VA details

I want to Thank You all for sharing your time and joining the event. Air India Virtual Airlines, Indigo Virtual Airline and Me will be hoping to see you on the event day.
Please come and enjoy the Flyout and be a part of our global airline. Good Luck. Stay Safe. Take Care.


Please reserve the Remote gate 090 for me to Kuala Lumpur . Aryan Sharma 6EVA05
Other pilots will register themselves shortly.

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New Signup: @Aryan_Sharma
Welcome brother. Thanks for coming.

Sign me up for gate 008 in air india routes to Singapore
Callsign AIVA090

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air-india-v2 indigo
New Signup: @Sierra_Golf
Thanks mate. Good Luck.

Please sign me up for gate 006 to Dubai my callsign is AIVA049, Thanks

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air-india-v2 indigo
New Signup: @Gopisreekanth_Chukka
You got it dude. Thanks for coming.

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Hey there , would like to sign up for VOMM-OOMS , callsign : AIVA007.

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air-india-v2 indigo
New Signup: @Krsh7
Thanks for all the help buddy.

Reserve gate 005 to Dubai with air india virtual. My call sign is AIVA036

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Can I have gate 004 at Chennai my call sign is AIVA057

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sorry bro air india gate 005 is there but it is not for dubai it is for Kolkata and the dubai one is 006 and it is taken. Sorry. Shall i get you any other gate?

air-india-v2 indigo
New Signup: @Bill_Jones
Thanks for your time bro.

Can you sign me up? Gate 003 to Bangalore. my call sign ios HS1217

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air-india-v2 indigo
New Signup: @Harish_P_Selkey
Welcome to the event buddy.

Need a gate to kolkata AIVA004

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would love to sign up for international stand 099 to Frankfurt in Lufthansa A340, callsign Lufthansa 759.

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Ohhh… okay… Sure

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which one dude?

air-india-v2 indigo
New Signup: @Soham_Sarkar
you got it bro. Enjoy.

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