Coriolis Effect

People who have taken Earth Science will know this, but the Coriolis Effect is a physical effect that has to do with the rotation of the earth. When a plane is in the air, it is resisting the gravity that the earth uses to carry objects and keep them attached. This is why planes specifically going North or South will be affected by the rotation. This is why planes going so must aim slightly to the west to resist this force. This is a very weak force, but it still exists within the physics environment


Also, (this request is mainly for Global Flight) when a plane is flying east, it must make up for the rotation of the earth and sometimes have a longer flight time.

I mainly want this added to give a more realistic planning feel to the game


Well I understood 1% of that


It’s like when firing a bullet to shoot someone that’s 500 meters away, the Earth’s movement can change the trajectory :)


Ok I got ya now


Would be interesting to have however if you are following a flight path with markers you probably won’t stray off course to much.

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Actually I believe that doesn’t happen because when the earth is turning around everything inside the stratosphere is also moving even tho it isn’t touching the ground.


It’s kind of confusing. The atmosphere moves with the earth. The forces of gravity and other scientific factors are what create the Coriolis Effect.

This article may be helpful:


Really hope this isn’t added. I’ll do flights where I just leave my phone going without me near it and Let it fly. This could put me off course.

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Well if this were to be added, we would need a more complex autopilot system that could counteract this force.


And this is where all the guys who want realism really find out what “realism” is.


I’ll support this request


This is what Matt have tested when he was flying out of region 1-2 months ago


I like this

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Lol something we have to learn in Geography…
I don’t mind, but this physics may take ages to implement :s

That picture of him flying from Hawaii? That’s something @Swang007 just drew. It wasn’t official or anything.

No, to the Groeland

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So would you want this or no?

I hope the devs add this when Global comes out.

Do you mean something like this?

It was a flight from Laura (Dev) yesterday from New York to Paris

Yeah, but I would like to see the coriolis effect