Corfu Departures @LGKR

Hello everyone!

I was in Corfu for the day and while I was not able to go to Corfu’s airport I was able to get some shots of departing aircraft. These shots aren’t my best work but I made the most out of where I was spotting from. I’m sure all the people on board these flights were sad to be leaving because this Island is truly amazing.

Enjoy the photos!

Ryanair 737 taking off over the city

EasyJet A320 with the “Neo” livery

Smartwings 737-800 heading to Budapest

Transavia has one of the best designs!

Wizz A321 to Warsaw

Austrian A320 to Vienna

TUI 737-800 to Stuttgart

Aegean A321Neo to Athens

Air Baltic BCS3 to Riga

Edelweiss A320 to Zurich

Which was your favorite?

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Thanks for viewing!


Love the photos!

Ah here’s the topic you told me abt lol. Amazing pics

Thank you!


Nice pictures, I hope you’re enjoying Corfu.

Thanks! Beaches are amazing here, I can see why this is a big travel destination for Europeans


Yeah I’ve heard these places are very busy at this time of year. I’d rather fly to these places in IF 😉.

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@Butter575 🔥🔥🔥😍😍😍

I’m so jealous! Your visiting all the places that are at the top of my bucket list cough cough Split 🇭🇷
Enjoy the rest of your vaca buckaroo


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