Corendon Airlines 737-800

Hey all!

While searching for some Summer flights between LGW and AYT, I’ve been looking at Sunday dates and managed to stumble upon an airline called “Corendon Airlines”. I had heard of it before but never seen it around Google Flights. I had done some research on this airline and fell in love with it since there are plenty of interesting routes from it, notably Natal to Tenerife on their 737, basically flying transatlantic. What’s so special about the livery? Well, just look at it. It’s simple, it’s quaint, it’s beautiful. What is Corendon? Corendon Airlines is a Turkish leisure airline based in Antalya, Turkey and has subsidiaries in Malta and the Netherlands. They normally operate charter flights around Europe from the Netherlands, Turkey, and Malta across Europe, West Asia, and North Africa. A good portion of their fleet have been leased by SpiceJet and PIA. Enough blabbering, let’s get to the picture.


Some operational history on TC-TJI:

Delivered to Cyprus Turkish Airlines in April of 2000

Given to Saga Airlines in September 2010

Transferred to Corendon Airlines in April of 2011 while being operated by PIA during the turn of 2015

Some info on Corendon Airlines:

About the 737NG:

What do you think?

Wow Tsumia making a featured post not with a Russian airline 🤯

I think it’s a good livery, but I would literally never use it. So for that reason, I’m out. We wish you the best of luck guys 👋


Very nice livery.
a few Turkish airlines have to come into the simulator;)

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This airline is quite important to many remote airports, especially in Germany with Erfurt, Mannheim, etc. So many interesting routes from so many interesting airports you can do with this :^)


I sacrificed a vote for it. 😆

I also think that there must be more turkish operator because there is also an active community again and I think that new FNFs can be made which could give FNFs as holidays. Since Corendon mainly lets vacation flights take place. I hope this gets more votes. You definitely have my voice❤

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You’re absolutely right! Let’s get this growing!


Such a needed livery within IF. So, so many destinations you can fly to with this. It’s simply amazing 🙃

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i voted for it!

yea i flew it once from EHAM to somewhere in Turkey i don’t remember i was 9 or something

An airline that flies to many remote areas within europe…

Sadly I’m out of votes so I’ll bump it

Agreed. Especially the smaller airports in Germany, Romania, even as remote as Sliač in Slovakia. They just fly wherever so they’re perfect in terms of the prospective network they fly.


Im just pulling this up. We need more 737 liveries!!

I like this livery! Btw why does this topic only have one vote?

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Well there’s the lack of activity and little outside attention to consider.

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A good charter airline, a good livery!

Bump, Corendon opened two bases in Dusseldorf, Germany and Basel, Switzerland this week! Glad to see the airline expanding

What about This Livery ? In Hull City Livery Looks it awesome but i Trink we Need 500 Votes for that or sunExpress it is one of the biggest holiday liverys but we havent it. AnadoluJet also a Trade Mark of Turkish Airlines why we not get this liverys ?

Yeah we need this one.