Corendon 747 - The Plane in a Hotel's Backyard


Today I went spotting at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, and there seemed to be a lack of planes departing, so I decided to do something different, which brings me to creating this topic.

What I’m talking about is the Corendon Boeing 747-400 parked in the Corendon Hotel’s backyard, North of Schiphol Airport.
Here’s a picture:

image Credit

After seeing this picture, you probably got the same question that appeared in my brain when I first saw this: how.

Fortunately, there is already a topic here covering the details so I do not have to explain the full thing.

Some additional facts:

  • The 747-406, registered PH-BFB, originally belonged to KLM.
  • Corendon then bought it off KLM and sent it to Rome to get in painted in the Turkish carrier’s colours.
  • This was not the typical Corendon 747 livery. It had a special paint scheme advertising the Eurovision Songfestival 2020, which was to be hosted in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Without further ado, here are the pictures!


Canon Eos 350d
Tamron AF 70-300mm f/4-5.6
Canon EFS 18-55mm

70-300 lens

Still taken with the long lens, here is a close up of the General Electric CF6 engines, which have seen almost 30 years of loyal service at KLM.

I made a quick sprint to the car to fetch the wide angle lens before the sun started to go down, here are some pictures with this lens:

Those were the photos!

If you ever decide to go spotting at Schiphol, I highly recommend visiting this.
You can park just outside the Corendon hotel and put on your emergency/park anywhere lights. Then make your way towards the tunnel. Just before the tunnel you will find a small dirt path going up. Follow it and you will get a great view of the 747.
I may or may not have sneaked onto the hotel grounds to get some better shots…

Have a great day wherever you are,
Rian O’Shea


Eurovision! And awesome pics and a very unique aircraft and gate.

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Ah yes. Brilliant pics @Rian16, you have to say that whoever came up with this idea is a genius. Well done

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Awesome pics man! It would be a dream to see it. I don’t live in Amsterdam unfortunately, but i will come one day soon!


Thank you, gutted Eurovision got cancelled this year, I would’ve been able to see it:(

Thanks Luke! Yeah money brings knowledge

Thanks a lot! Schiphol is the best attraction of the country, make sure to enjoy it if you ever visit:)


it actually taxied thru a highway and days later was parked into someone backyard i saw it all on the news

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Sure did. I watched the video - it looked spectacular.

I was busy that night so unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend:(

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