Copyrighted Materials


One of the many great aspects of this community is that we have a lot of members with real world experiences that can help to educate others. Sometimes members will share documents from their own PPL training, websites, google, plane specs, etc.

While this is highly informative, we need to keep in mind that some of this material may be copyrighted and distribution on public forums may not be allowed. We need to be on the look out for anything that could be perceived as an infringement. We realize many things are debatable and publically available with a quick Google search but it’s not worth wasting resources if action is actually taken against us.

What we are asking of you : If you are going to post a thread with the Airbus a320 manual, maybe think twice about spreading screen shots. Sure if the link is public you can post the link, but actual pages out of manuals are probably not the best. Manuals, handbooks or any other technical data that may not be appropriate for distribution in its raw form need to be considered before posting.

What we are NOT asking : We are NOT asking you to go through every post back to the beginning of time and flag posts. If nobody has approached us in the past about those items we are fine. We are only concerned about going forward.

If you have a question regarding this, please PM a moderator.