If You take a snapshot on infinite flight then use it for your own purposes do you guys consider this copyrighted material?

  • You print out a snapshot
  • You make the snapshot into a wall sticker (this is what I’d like to do)
  • You make something for your own use (calendar, picture, scrape book ect.)

I think you are fine as long as you do not sell or distribute it.

Ok well we’ll see what other people say and I agree with you.

You are allowed to take video and share it, what’s you asking is nothing to do with copy right law, you can’t take picture of your car and hang it on wall? Car company gonna sue you? Or take picture of you playing IF and hang it on wall? You can do what you want with your stuff you paid for it. as long as you don’t modify and share or sell it. Ex jail-break iPhone, modify Xbox Kennect use it for personal use. You are even allowed to modify game for your own taste if you know how to. Piracy only not allowed if you are buying or selling. You copy all your music video to your computer, your not breaking any law as long as you don’t give it another person Of the copy.

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The general rule of thumb is that if you are getting some $ for a product and are not giving some of it to the company, it is illegal. However, it varies from company to company

Hanging an Infinite Flight poster I doubt is illegal since the devs seem like the type that wouldn’t mind. If you started selling these for $10 a print though, I’m guessing the devs would have a reason to be upset.

Don’t quote me on this but I think @AR_AR is right.

Is this modification available on Android platform? If so, may I know what kind of modification I could do to enhance the program?

Modifying the app is illegal.

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I don’t think reverse engineering is illegal, you cant copy right a line of codes. It’s fine for personal use. Even for hardware point of view modifying will only void warranty but you can do what you want ex. Boosting CPU clock speed, remapping ECU in car. This link is old but I don’t think much changed. Infinite flight can have law like, if you modify you can’t connect to Live service, but they can’t police stand alone app, that’s why it’s not big problem. Like Xbox or PS3 if you modify you can’t connect to online service but you can do with whatever you want within your four walls.

yes it’s law written on every product but I’m talking about for personal use. They can’t come around and tell me what I do with it. As long as I don’t break ANY law.

Wasn’t specifically talking about that, not into the illegal thing, there are actions one can take within the OS, like Windows modifying the swap file action to boost performance … That’s what I was enquiring about it you read the question correctly … Is this modification available on the Android Platform? If I didn’t know the answer to a question I wouldn’t jump in with some arbitrary subjective summary.