Copyright and YT

Hello fellow Aviators.
I was just wondering whether you are allowed to post videos form YT or the likes on this community.
PS I don’t know if this is a duplicate.

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Hi Patrick! Great question! You are definitely allowed to post YouTube videos on here! I would recommend posting your own videos or contacting the creators. Videos featuting Infinite Flight would most likely go in the #screenshots-and-videos category! You can read about the category for more information on what it’s about!

Let me know if you have any other questions!


Regarding other people’s videos, I think it would be best to contact the creator first and also give proper credit if you post it in the #screenshots-and-videos category 👍

Other than that, I don’t see why not :)

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Sorry to copy you a little; I did not see this 😅

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You didn’t copy it, I added it so he wasn’t getting mixed info! You’re good 😀

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You can just post those and you’re fine. Not as a topic though, and make sure it’s not off-topic. As long as the discussion calls for a video, you’re good.


Hey, thanks for the almost immediate response, very informative. Just seen a video flagged the last day for copyright but this may have been because of the owner of the video being unhappy about it being being posted without consent.

Says the one who posted a feature request for a Rick Astley plane… 🙃

@Patrick_McCormack, I wouldn’t encourage posting content that is not yours. After all, the purpose of the #screenshots-and-videos category is to share content that you have created. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact myself or a moderator. Thanks for understanding!


Thanks a million! *Irish