Copying your own flight plan

Can you copy your own flight plan you have created on infinite flight? I’m flying for American VA and mid flight I changed my fpl to a different route. When I finish my flight I need to know how many miles my flight was and I can’t figure that out unless I put back in each fix on my fpl. That’s really a pain when I could just copy and paste my new fpl back in when I finish my flight to see how long it was.

You could open your fpl and copy it

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I don’t think that’s possible. Usually, I plan out my flight before taking off, so where I don’t need to change it at all.

Hey @Andrew_Coward
You can view the miles you flown by taking a look at LiveFlight.


I did plan out my flight but while I was flying I had to change my flight because the arrival runway changed.

Alright, i’m guessing its pretty accurate?

The application is very reliable.

I would just keep the flight plan the same and once close to the airport, turn off NAV and adjust the flight plan manually.

For the future, just create the flight plan up to the end of the arrival. Once close to the field, determine what runways are in use or the one you want to land on, add the approach fixes manually, then send the destination airport to the bottom of your FPL.

Based on your flight plan, the system already can and will tell you the distance to your destination in the bottom status bar, as long as you set it displayed!

To set it up:

Tap and hold on the yoke in the middle of the statusbar (or any other information that is displayed) and look for the second column from the left which has Distance to destination. Select it to whichever place you want it to. (not necessarily in the middle)
This way you’ll get the total distance of your flight displayed on the bottom of your screen all the time.

Other option would be the 3rd page of the map screen, which shows as FPL on the button and basically has a list of your waypoints, direct heading, distance from one point to another and also the cumulated distance. Before you take off the cumulated distance at the end of the list will give you the rough distance of your flight.

IF has it all for you.

It won’t be as accurate as checking the actual flight path on Liveflight, but will be close enough.

You can so use the bar at the bottom

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