Copying Flight Aware and SimBrief FPL to Infinite Flight


The great thing is finding all the waypoints or VORs on a Simbrief generated FP. Thanks Chris.


This looks awesome. I’m doing the Lyft’nUber thing right now, will check it out


I made three flights using this site and it worked, congratulations


This is so amazing. I’ve been waiting for something like this since the day global came out.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. It saves so much time. I will never look back.


Most welcome. The community has given me so much over the years I wanted to give back.


Outstanding, used it today for some hops between Gatwick and Jersey, works like a charm. Also been copying the tables to PDF to keep a bit of a log for future use

Thanks @Chris_S - this is much appreciated!


This is awesome. I had been doing a lot of copying and pasting before but this also puts all your info on one at a glance sheet. The best thing is your speeds and vs rates for each waypoint! Very helpful on when to start your descent and at what vs.


Thank you everyone for the warm feedback. So far it looks like SimBrief is much more popular with 1100 distinct flight plans. (If you run the same plan over and over it doesnt count it again)


I may have been the 1,100th person, I just generated UA101, IAH-SYD!


This website is amazing! I’ve started using it on all my flights now. Well done!


I’ve never gotten on with Flightaware, i find it a little clunky. Simbrief is much easier plus you can generate a full load sheet so its handy as i use the load sheet and FMC exports for my P3D flights and then your snazzy site for Infinite Flight

Win win 😌


Bro. Thank you so much!


Now all we need is to have your planned VS, speed and altitudes at each waypoint on the FPL screen in the map section in IF :) After doing the copy/Paste of the flight plan on my tablet I open Simbrief on my phone or my other tablet, copy the xml file again there then open the app again on phone so i can have the info next to me on another device. But hey, this is awesome and saves a lot of time and more of a challenging game when you do shoot for your flight to match where you planned at the right altitude and speed and fuel management. I could find a way to print it off but then my girlfriend would say I’m wasting good ink and money on stupid Sh… :D


Unfortunately simbrief is not perfect and can generate some unrealistic climbs. I think one time I saw a plan that had a VS around 9k. You can’t program for common sense. If your airport intercept alt is 3300 and you are at 38,000 and it tells you to descent at 100 miles, you may want to 10/20 miles to that and start early.


What I do for my climbs/descents is I just follow the actual STARs, which can be found on, that way it’s always realistic


yeah, I’ve found those some … lol Flying out of Dusseldorf it calls for a VS ~4400 in a DH8D initial climb. I’m wondering if the weird waypoints after departure are for avoiding airspace or what


Thanks for putting this together, I’m using it everytime I fly now.


Same here, man! This software has been really useful. I am no longer wanting to create my own flight plan since this one generates flight plans that are way more realistic than mine. XD


I know you made this free @Chris_S - but you should really add a “donate” button.


Updated the logic to provide better positioning for calculated coordinates. Thanks @Divij for the tip.