Copying Flight Aware and SimBrief FPL to Infinite Flight

Yup simbrief is kinda unrealistic:)
You should look at the chart and if there is a speed restriction be below thay speed because I don’t think simbrief don’t recognize this.

So the climb and descent profiles created or used by SimBrief are just faulty?
That would render that tool sort of useless, doesn’t it? The whole idea being that it would make flight-planning easier.

The FPL to Infinite Flight Converter is great though. It’s not Chris’s fault that the data supplied by SimBrief is wrong.

Excellent work. Works like a charm!!! Ignore speeds and flight levels.

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It’s also Infinte Flight autopilot for turns is pretty bad

Simbrief is the one calculating the altitude and distance. Yes simbrief has some unrealistic VS.

I usually set my own flight level when making my plan. When flying, I ignore the calculated VS. I do usually use the TOD minus a few miles to start descending.

The tool is mainly to replace the missing waypoints with coordinates. The rest is just icing on the cake…


I think we can all agree that SimBrief’s VS is a little wacky at times.

Most of the time I find the right altitude by the tutorial Mark made (Cruising Altitudes), and then calculate descent with this.

Is this fpl converter only for Simbrief or can it also be used for FlightAware and Skyvector wpts… since the global airport dbase was updated recently …will the converter still be necessary for those airports !!!

I suggest you should remove it, the row can be used for something else.

It can be used for Flight Aware too. Not Sky Vector since they wanted so much cash for their API access.

The database was updated but I do not think new waypoints were added.


Do any of you know where on the net l can find a website or app for Android that will upon entry of any waypoint name translate it to its Long/Lat coordinates and plot it accurately on a U.S. or world map specifically for that function !!!

What are you wanting to do with the map after it is plotted? If you go to waypoints on my site you can search and it will provide the coordinates and country, just wont plot it.

I still find on an fpl that has been translated places where there is no wpt but only a Long/Lat location that even when l enlarge it l still do not see where it is located on the fpl plotting line graph …and also l would like to further customize some fpls of my own !!!

Amazing website. I use it for every flight. Although sometimes it can direct you at a 90 degree departure from the runway heading but quick editing solves it. Still great

I am working on a way to allow you to build a plan from scratch or edit/insert waypoints into the generated plan.

IF will not show the GPS coordinates very well on the map since there is nothing behind it as a marker (like a waypoint name).

People need to realize that even using SID/STARs you are not going to get a smooth transition from the airport to the SID/STAR. DFW has about a dozen STARs and all of them will get you downwind or on base but from there it is up to you to make it to final. Most of the time the controllers will give the instructions. DFW SID makes it look like a 90 degree turn after takeoff but if you look at the real flights they will fly out and then make a few turns before ultimately hitting the SID and then you can follow the departure plates.


Ok…thanks… that is more what l am looking for since a complex fpl stretches across a lot of territory and takes too long to expand enough to navigate… unless l go to full screen and at the speed of 500 kts or so you pass by some waypoints that you cannot cross reference in time …since l try to coordinate it with the Android tracker app from Valxp !!!

I have not used your waypoint lookup option yet…but it seems similar to what that falling grain site use to do…which now seems to have disappeared since l can no longer find it in a google search anymore !!!

Just checking in… Getting closer to moving everything to the new server and releasing the update.

Bare with me as its a busy time of year for me. Work conferences, state lacrosse championships, etc.

Will have some updates soon!


For now just copy @MishaCamp FPL 😜


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