Copying Flight Aware and SimBrief FPL to Infinite Flight



Some of us are not aviation experts (myself included) and could use a little help creating more realistic flight plans. Sometimes there may be waypoints missing from IF that need to be researched and converted. Introducing! is a free, ad-free, mobile friendly website that will assist you in copying your flight plan from Flight Aware or SimBrief. Made from scratch by yours truly.

Once on the website, the procedures are simple:

  • Select Flight Aware of SimBrief.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen for each source.
  • The website will analyze the generated flight plan and fill in missing waypoints with GPS coordinates where needed.
  • The IF friendly flight plan will be generated. Pressing a single button will copy the plan to your clipboard
  • Paste the plan into IF and you are on your way.

Additional Features:

  • Available for both solo and PRO routes.
  • Additional SimBrief analysis including fuel, VS calculation, passenger count, and weight.
  • Log of the last 20 plans to give you an idea of where you can fly to.
  • Did I mention is it #makeitfree compliant!
  • Added SimBrief support for VORs
  • Added support to handle duplicate waypoints that show on the other side of the world.


Flight Aware


Tutorial Videos:
Flight Aware -> Infinite Flight
SimBrief -> Infinite Flight
edit : Fixed the SimBrief video link.


Waypoint shows on other side of the world.

In real life waypoint names can be reused. Infinite flight gets confused on which waypoint you are wanting and will pull the one from the other side of the world. Simply manually remove that rogue waypoint.

Happy planning!

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Sweet jesus finally! 👌


That’s what i said, almost…

This is a great tool! Been using it with SimBrief for a few days now and it make things soooo much easier.


I will try this when I get home today love the idea!


I will be doing more long and medium haul flights now because of this!


I just got 20 minutes of my life back. Thank you.


PM me if you find any issues or have questions. The IFATC gang has been helping me testing for a bit.


This is fantastic!

Thank you so much :)


If you are going to add anymore FPLing websites, please add skyvector. Not complaining though this is awesome.


Our prayers have been answered, thank you so much!


Its possible. Depends on my work schedule, ATC, and how many flags for 2 year old posts I have to respond to.


Wow! Was waiting for something like this. Excellent tool @Chris_S :)


Thank you very much this is extremely helpful


Atleast it wasn’t me this time ¯\(ツ)


Great tool!

Tried it with an FPL from SimBrief right now, it got all the missing waypoints in correctly but said two VORs in the FPL are missing in IF when they actually exist in IF.

Does this for VORs in the flight plan as well?


Yeah I noticed that when I did a flight. I will fix that. Yes it should put those in.


Holy cow, that’s an incredible tool! Absolutely love it and will use it for all my future flights! Great work @Chris_S, appreciate your effort towards such a great tool.


Made a few minor updates based on suggestions. Working on VORs and duplicates. Stay tuned.


HI this is very handy way of setting up a flight plan but I have only one question to ask when i put in the flight plan. I going from EIDW -EGLL I get a perfect route except for one way point in the plan sending me to somewhere south of Australia first you can see it in the pics above when I remove this waypoint then plan is perfect. Here is the route I have after putting it in the calculator.


The 4th way point is the problem LIFFY. I have seen this happen as well on a EIDW-KJFK route sending me to Africa on the way once i remove this way point all is good them. Thanks by the way it is still good tool


This is because of duplicate waypoints. I am working on a way to stop that from happening. I knew it existed but did not know to which the scale of it was. For now you just manually delete that one waypoint from your plan after it is loaded.