Copy your own flight plan to your clipboard

What I’m proposing is a request that has two parts surronded around the same thing, the ability to copy the waypoints you inputed into your flight plan and put them into your device’s clipboard.

A clipboard retrieves the last thing you copied on your device and saves it on your device. That’s what enables you to copy and paste things.

Implementation 1: Copy Button

I would love if I could just hit a button and copy the waypoints I’ve inputed into my flight plan. It’s a very simple idea, here’s what it could look like:

Implementation 2: Recovering flight plan

When the Infinite Flight app decides to quit or you have to force quit, it would copy the last known flight plan you had onto your clipboard and then you could simply recover it by spawning in and pasting it into the search field.

It’s a very simple minor request that I feel could save some people a lot of headaches. Here’s two examples.

For those that use third party apps this might be a helpful feature to have if you unexpedidly loose connection for example and have to force quit the app.

It would also be great for those that premake their flight plans but to fly later on, without having to remake the entire flight plan when they spawn back in later.

Hope you like it!

This would be useful for doing the same flight plan multiple times, and great for events! I’m out of votes though…🤷‍♂️ You have my support though!

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That’s why I enjoy this site (July 1st Update) - Convert and copy your simbrief plans to Infinite Flight


Voted. I’ve wanted this sort of functionality a few times recently, such as when I have had to abort early because of something coming up, or another plane spawning on top of me and not going away.

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I would do something: a button where you can safe your flight plan, and when you are going to make a flight plan, a button to open a page with all your flight plans :)

I like this idea very much; I also like the notion of having the ability to save frequently used flight plans. That way we’re not parked at gates plotting out FPs, we can just import the FP we want as soon as we spawn and light the fires.

Voted. Here’s another use case:

When I started my pushback, I suddenly began to sink into the ground and crashed. You know, one of those glitches that makes you restart the app\device. So I restarted and respawned, but I had to file the FPL all over again.