Copenhagen🇩🇰 —> Tehran🇮🇷 Brought to you by The Queen of the Skies

I have only seen the unique landscapes of Iran in movies and nature documentaries, so i decided to take a fairly short trip between Copenhagen and Tehran, the Arabic nations capital. This was also a good opportunity to use the B742. Here are just a few photos of my journey.

Flight Details

  • Server: Expert

  • Flight Time: Approx. 4 Hours

  • Route: EKCH🇩🇰-—> OIIE🇮🇷

  • Departure Time: 1200Z

  • Aircraft and Livery: Boeing 747-200 IranAir

A busy afternoon in Copenhagen.

A Danish Departure.

Over the Black Sea.

Into Iran.

Touch down and watching a sunset.

Thank you for taking the time to look at this.


Hey there before you post this please check the manual for posting you can’t have more than 10 screenshots

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Lovely photos. The mini-mods are coming, but I want you to know these are stunning and your journey looked like a lot of fun!

How long was the flight?


Shall i remove a couple of photos or is just something to keep in mind for next time?

u should take some off.

Its now been edited.

It was just about 4 hours. I’ve edited it now hopefully it follows all the guidelines.

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Great shots, glad to see the 742 get some love:D

It’s criminally underused

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bro it’s 10 screenshots!!!

It wasn’t before I had to take some off.

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These are amazing photos, and it is really a shame that there is a 10 screenshot limit, as the screenshots you edited out looked just as good as the rest. I’ll be sure to do this flight one day. Thanks for sharing it!

It wasn’t that was an old comment so the person would have changed it

I think this route is a hidden gem I don’t think many people take it.

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Those are some awesome shots! Nice work :)

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Oh wow. This picture is amazing! 🤩


An aircraft you don’t see that often nowadays! Great pictures, thanks for sharing!


this is just beautiful!!

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