Copenhagen airport.

As places to hang out when your flight is delayed it’s not a bad spot. And the sun’s out so that’s nice.


And an A380 just pulled in. Nice. Shame the view was mostly being blocked by an A330!

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Wow, what are you doing in Copenhagen? That sounds like a nice trip, and the local brewery obviously…

I was there on a holiday and picking my daughter up from her exchange at one of the schools nearby. Gorgeous city and the Danes couldn’t have been nicer. I’m not a big lager drinker but the Jacobsen was a nice brew.

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I’m back in Scotland now. :-(

Managed to get a grainy shot of the A380 though, beautiful creatures that they are.

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Nice shot! We just need Copenhagen Airport in Infinite flight its that biggest airport in North Europe / Scandinavia

As Global Flight is coming, all airports will be added (or nearly all).
By the way Copenhagen is already done:

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