Copa Airlines Trip Report


Hi everyone I just came from a trip to Panama not to long ago from Orlando this is my first trip report, I was on a Copa Airlines B737-800 this trip report is from MCO- PTY I hope you enjoy it.

Ok here we go I was seated at 25F my dad beside me here was a wing view of that row it’s a pretty nice view, also I got the one with the split wing tips. If you look closely there is another B737-800 Copa parking beside us.

Here was the leg room it’s a pretty good size , my legs didn’t touch the seat in front of me I had plenty of room. Also the seats can recline surprisingly very far in my opinion.

Ok finally we’re ready for take off at MCO, I believe it was runway 17R if I’m not mistaken it was pretty bumpy with turbulence here is a pic of us climbing to cruising altitude.

So about an hour and 30 minutes into the flight they were starting to serve us our meals , they had pasta , or chicken witch I got with some juice of course . It was pretty good actually for Economy food.

Here was the inflight entertainment we had a tablet screen witch had movies , music, games, and a flight tracker map , that was really cool in my opinion. Can’t remember the size of the screen but it was a good size . It was also good when I touched the screen really fast not slow at all witch was good. Also it had a charging port witch was very nice.

Alright finally we’re on approach at PTY here is a wing view of it , landing was super soft . I believe it was on runway 03L that we landed on .

That wraps it up overall it was a great flight , cabin crew were very nice . Aircraft was very clean not dirty at all. Flight time was 2 hours and 50 minutes. I really enjoyed it . Thanks for stopping by I hope you enjoyed my first trip report. Have a great day/ night IFC 👋🏽👋🏽✈️😁🇵🇦

If you would like to use any of my photos please ask me in a message thanks.


Nice that they have IFE screens in their airplanes.


Nice trip report! I wish US airlines would serve full meals in economy on short haul flights

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Thanks @snoman I appreciate it 😊👍🏽

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I totally agree with you it makes the flight so much nicer with the Inflight screens 😊👍🏽

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When I seen the title my first thought was ”Armani has made this or someone has tagged him in on this” well I was correct, great trip report mate.


Is copa airlines owned by United?

Common misconception, but they’re not.

😂okay good to know, they look very similar

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