Copa Airlines to Managua

This is my first post in this category, but after what happened during my Central American flight, I thought I should give it a go!

Server: Expert
Aircraft: Copa 738
Cruise: 31000
Departure from: San José
Arrival at: Managua
Flight: Copa 163

Pushing back from my gate at San José

Lifting off before two flights behind me

Cruising over Lake Cocibola and the volcano in the middle

Surprise fighter jet intercept, courtesy of caymanian345

Seconds before buttering with an Aruba Airlines CRJ-200 at the terminal

Passengers deboarding as Aruba shoots off to its destination


I love that Volcano shot! I’m sure @Armani_B will like this!

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Thank you!

Great pictures I like the first one , I love Copa Airlines! 🤗

Stunning shot!