Copa Airlines “MLB livery” 737-800

Hi I’d like like this to be added to Infinite Flight
Copa Airlines B737 MLB livery
(Not my photo)

(My Reason For Adding This To Infinite Flight)

I would like this to be added because there is only one Copa Airlines livery in Infinite Flight which is sad because their is many livery’s that Copa has . Also I think this should be added because I love Panama . Thank you for your understanding.

Please credit the photographer 🙂
Also vote for your own topic ツ

I don’t have the photographers information sorry about that if I did I’d definitely put that🙁

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That is a beautiful livery!


Just thought I’d leave a link to where the photo is from.

Photo was by JetPhotos

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Found the link to the picture in Jetphotos

Looks like this airplane of often used to their flights to San José, Costa Rica.

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Thank you I agree with you

Great livery

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