Copa Airlines logo font error

Hello friends
We are seeing an error in the font used in the IF. Realize the difference between the real and what was placed in the simulator. I hope they fix this

Pictures speak a thousand words. Hope you fix this error.


I have noticed this too, I hope they can fix it

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Please be specific when creating a support topic. What exactly are we looking at here? What is the precise issue?

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Ok, Fixed.

Is it possible that they look a bit different because the screenshot and the picture were taken from a different perspective? It makes a difference whether you look at it at a straight angle or slightly from the top / button.

The font is a little flatter. In the simulator she is more stretched

The Transavia and UPS livery are still not fixed, and I wonder why. They didn’t fix the white engine cones on the 747-8/missing UPS logo on the nose. On the Transavia 737 the logo is missing on the winglets.


Thanks for the report. Fonts are an area that are a bit trickier to get perfect, since in many occasions, airlines use a specific typeface that we cannot easily draw.

We’ll note this down for the future, but realistically, we probably won’t be able to fix this in the near future


Our artists are still looking into this, we’ll update it as soon as it’s fixed