Copa Airlines Group Flight - @MPTO - 272200ZJUN19

Aircraft and Livery: B737-800 Copa Airlines

Route: MPTO - MPDA

Time of Departure: Today at 6:00PM 2200z

Server: Expert

Additional Information: please spawn 15 before the fly out starts also please act professional this is Expert Server. Also I need 3 people joining only because there is only three gates at that airport thank you very much see you there. If you’re going to join please mention it below thank you.

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Please format this as according to the category guidelines :)

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How longs the flight?

About one hour

I can join then

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Thank you see you there 😄👍🏽

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I think I did put it 3 hours before departure did I not?

My apologies, I read it as 6:00 p.m. and assumed it was Pacific!

Anyways, it still must have the title formatted correctly :)

Fixed up your title for you. Enjoy your flight!


Thank you very much

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