Copa Airlines Connect Miles Livery

Hi everyone I would like this in IF because I think it’s a very awesome livery it’s a Copa Airlines B737-800 Connect miles livery I’m surprised that nobody has requested this livery I really hope that this gets added because I love Copa Airlines and IF only has one Copa Airlines livery and it needs a rework. Thank you very much
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Here is some information about Copa Airlines I found on the Wiki.

Copa Airlines ")[2 is the flag carrier of Panama. It is headquartered in Panama City, Panama,[1] with its main hub at Tocumen International Airport. Copa is a subsidiary of Copa Holdings, S.A. as well as a member of Star Alliance.[3] The airline is also the main operator and owner of Colombian airline AeroRepública, currently known as Copa Airlines Colombia.
Thank you very much

Hold on the pics aren’t working

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This good to have. Its quite noice.

There we go

I agree with you 👍🏽😎

I have that plane as my laptop background, lol. Even though I prefer the main livery to be updated, I still like this one.

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Thank you I really love this livery 😎👍🏽

You have that as your laptop wallpaper 👍🏽😄

Every time I fly with Copa I always wish to get this livery but I always get a Star Alliance livery or the normal livery ☹️. Great feature request!


I never flown on the Star Alliance livery you’re lucky, I’ve only been on the regular livery

Yeah and I wish they add start Alliance also…

Yeah, I wish most airlines had their alliance and special liveries.

I agree with you

Note that the Copa Airlines Colombia brand has been discontinued and replaced by the low-cost Wingo.

Oh ok didn’t know that

For you, every Copa Airlines livery added to the simulator is profit, right? 🙂

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Would be assume to have all the current special liveries of the airline, but I’ll be fine with the normal livery, of course the one in IF needs to be updated.

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