Copa Airlines Boeing 737-MAX 9

Photo credit goes to Boeing.
Since everyone is posting about the 737-Max9 liverys, I agreed to share my request. I am surprised that no one else posted this.This would look good in IF.

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Can you specify which variant of the -MAX this is?

@Infiniteflight_Delta: This is a request for Copa Airlines not Cops Airlines. Please stop reverting the changes. Thank you.


What do you mean reverting the change?It was a spelling error caused by spell check.

It was @Bobby who called cops

I am aware of that. Autocorrect changed it to cops, and Nathan kindly corrected it for me. However, you changed it back to Cops, and Nathan had to change it again.

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@brunocr98 will love this.

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It did the same thing for me tho, when I went to see what had been changed.

I definitely support this!🇵🇦


I definitely support this