Copa Airlines Boeing 737-700

Honoring the first centennial of Boeing, I would like to post this wondeful plane (and livery).


Sure it’s wonderful @CopaAirlines!


How could I guess it would be you with this feature request 😂, anyhow I support this it looks very clean



is copa airline related to united?

Mmmmmm, well at the beginning of 1998, Copa begun an strategic alliance with Continental, where Continental got 51% of Copa’s stake (from there is where Copa got his current livery, but the it had another letter font). After the CO/UA merge, United kept the alliance with Copa but both companies work separately, United it’s not the parent company, it’s Copa Holdings. So maybe the answer is yes.


Beautiful! Nice! I remember the first time when I saw this plane at ORD, amazing that this can fly such long distance!

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failed copy of United Livery. looks pityful

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So you don’t like the United livery I’m guessing? They were once connected.


Who me? I like it very much in the 787! Both are gorgeous!

No @YYJPilot6590

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I really like the Copa livery! A big yes from me! :)


And a big thanks for you!😊

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Beautiful 😍


Good idea. We have got only the 737-800, which is the only aircraft to have the Copa Airlines livery. It would be awesome to add the Copa Airlines to the 737-700 as well.


We’re onboard 😂

// NP

Useless in my opinion to add this livery to the 737-700. The airline has already started its retirement process for this airplane alongside with the E190.

I only care about for the livery in the 737-800 to be updated with the new logo and the split scimitar winglets, which unfortunately weren’t updated last year.

This livery is just lovely