Copa Airlines B737 and B738 gone

So, I have 2 legs to do with Copa Airlines B738’s, but they’re gone! Why is that and is there any date for it to come back into the game? Thank you :)

It was answered here


Hi! You are definitely a on to something here! The old Copa livery was removed and redone with the new one which as previously stated was held back this past update. During this, the team must of forgotten to add to old one back while the new one is being worked on as a replacement. Good catch here, I’ve forwarded this to the right people to hopefully get this fixed soon.


Great, thanks for the reply’s, kind strangers :D

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New livery is now in game with the new hotfix, looks very nicee

pardon me, but what’s the difference between the old and new livery? 😅
i cant seem to be able to identify the differences ._.

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Nor can I the look the same except for the winglets

@Ethan_Brown @wong_junlinnnn, please see the images in these posts where I highlighted the things that were wrong with the livery, you should be able to spot them.


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