Copa Airlines and United Airlines Question

I didn’t really know where to put this, but since I didn’t find any thread about it, so I put it here.

I was about to taxi to a runway to do a flight to Salvador in-game, when a United Airlines plane stopped to let me pass. When I passed next to the other plane, I wondered why my livery (Copa) looked so much like United’s livery.


Wait, I just found a thread about it. Sorry.
Anyways, if there are any more explanations, I’d like to hear them.
Thanks 😄

Copa used to be majority-owned by Continental Airlines. … Copa and United are still affiliated through a codeshare partnership and the Star Alliance, but their relationship today is more normal.

Google is your friend.


Thanks! Although, I wanted to see it coming from aviation experts. 😆

I’m very glad some people are finally understanding the story behind it. I’ve been “educating” people on this topic for 4 years now.


Thanks for the help everyone :)