Copa Airlines 737s missing

Hey, I noticed the Copa Airlines livery was removed from the 737 and 738. Is there a reason for that? Will we have it back soon?

It was going to be added but is being held back as it has some fixes that need to be done to the livery itself before it can be pushed.


We don’t yet know, I don’t think

Oh okay so they are basically doing this:

Yes it is the updated livery.

probably they have to rework in the winglets of Copa’s 737 and that’s why they got delayed🤷🏻‍♂️

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Tyler explained a few days ago that it was removed to address some issues reported in beta. It will be readded when all the fixes are done.

There was never a Copa livery for the 737-700, only in the -800 variant.


Okay thanks!

True, the person who checked it for me told me that, I wasn’t sure if we had it.

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