Copa Airlines 737-700

Hi IF community. This is Jake Stefko requesting Copa Airlines for the 737-700. What’s your favorite airline. Is there any way how to get more votes. I want to know about this Copa Airlines. I try to contain that there is another request I am requesting

Thank you?

The exact same aircraft.


Looks like the same request to me. I cam see the exact same aircraft. Copa Airlines Boeing 737-700

One feature request per feature. This include aircraft, liveries, and in-game features.

Yes, they are the exact same request. The other one has more details and votes, so it should stay open. If you feel that the other one is outdated, feel free to ask a moderator to close it, and add more details to this one.


Hey @Jake_Joseph_Stefko.

I see that you’ve been here since May of 2017, more than three years. A lot has changed in your absence. So far, you’ve created several feature requests in the last few days and all have been closed as duplicates - even posting more than 1 in a day. How about we take a little break and slow down? You’ll find a lot of your requests in the Features category. Searching before posting would help tremendously and de-clutter the category.

Follow what the users above me suggested and don’t forget to have a good time! (Don’t worry, it’s not a Rick-roll. It’s far better 😉) 👍