Copa 928 to Toncontin (MHTG)

This is by far the most difficult but fun approach I’ve done since, ever! More difficult than Madeira & Paro combined. Honestly I’m shocked I managed to land it 1sr try because through the descent, I kept thinking I’d have to go-around or just crash. It was definitely a steamy palms, heart pounding experience.

Departed 03R at a very busy Tocumen Int’l. Gut-wrenching short base turn It’s a miracle! Copa 928 taxiing to gate, Copa 426 followed North RNAV (RNP) Rwy 02


Wow! Great shots!

I have done this approach and I personally find Paro harder. But that’s just my opinion ;)

Keep it up!

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Nice pictures! I love seeing my country with better scenery. The airport will have the new terminal hopefully in the next scenery push. Still sad however to see the Copa livery still outdated, meanwhile the real airplane is updated.

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