Coordinates from ForeFlight to Infinite Flight

Hey all, real quick question and I’ll be out of your hair…

I’m hosting a general aviation even tomorrow and I’m trying to give people the flightplan coordinates since we won’t be using waypoints. I constructed the flight plan on ForeFlight, but I’m having trouble converting the coordinates to Infinite Flight. Not sure if it’s me or the program, but I’m trying to turn these coordinates into the ones below:

Original coordinates:
CYXX, 49.10N 122.65W, 49.01N 122.77W, 49.03N 122.84W, 49.18N 122.84W, 49.17N 122.59W, 49.22N 122.59W, 49.28N 122.82W, 49.27N 122.91W, 49.30N 123.02W, 49.34N 122.37W, 49.27N 123.22W, 49.29N 123.12W, 49.25N 122.94W

Coordinates inputted into Infinite Flight:
CYXX 4910N/12265W 4901N/12277W 4903N/12284W 4918N/12284W 4917N/12259W 4922N/12259W 4928N/12282W 4927N/12291W 4930N/12302W 4934N/12237W 4927N/12322W 4929N/12312W 4925N/12294W

Here’s what the plan is supposed to look like:

Here’s what is ends up looking like in Infinite Flight:

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

I was looking on the webpage and was trying to find somewhere to convert the coordinates… Do you have the exact link?

Looks like you might need to remove some of the coordinates.

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Unfortunately the mess at the end isn’t the only issue… You’ll notice that the first 5 coordinates are off to the west by about 50 kilometers…

Just supposing… could it be an error with IFs geographical whatsit?

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