Coolest moment in IF

What was your coolest moment in IF? Tell us, have a picture? Post it!

When I landed my first plane it was a a321 btw


Pretty much this. Avoid posting duplicates.


My coolest moment in IF… Well, im going to say when I was taking off from PHOG or something like that and then I see… Over a mountain there comes 25 spitfires! They were going from PHNL - PHTO or something)


Probably aceing a 767 landing at aspen while it was windy and people were lined up watching. It was on the runway where I had to come down from the mountain, I kid you not. These were the days when 767’s were allowed at aspen and advanced controllers used the difficult runway.

Being able to follow natural features in a map that I know IRL and land at an airport I know IRL . KSLI-

My first IFATC session in EBAW in the amsterdam region on the expert server, Laura spawned in my airport She requested for taxi and then her aircraft dissapeared.
Those where the good days i miss em