Coolest Approaches in IF (Include Aircraft)

What do you guys think is the coolest approach IF has to offer?

KASE (Aspen in Denver Region) RWY15

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Saba (SAB) in the Caribbean region.

I forget about another one in SeaTac region. Goddamit I loved that airport…

17CL or CL17 in SanFran region is nice too. Ya really gotta nail the landing if you’re going in with a 208 ;)


TNCM, like in RL

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Keep them coming guys!

The actual approach in KASE 15 not the IF version and also KPSP 13R also the actual approach not the IF approach

Saba (TNCS), St Barth (TFFJ), la Désirade (TFFA) in the Caribbean region.

Big Bear City (L35) in South California region (from Runway 03 with Sunrise) <3

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KASE (Aspen in Denver Region) RWY15

Batam Hang runway 04. Lots of Indonesian islands down there.

Singapore/Kuala Lumpur, WMBT runway 02 😉

Big Bear… Now that a strip for a windy day… The over water approach is one of my favorites with a SuperD. Max Sends