Cool view of JFK!

I was flying on a JetBlue A320-232, JFK-MCO, a few months back. We were departing from 22 right. I always record takeoff, as I am a fan of the growling from the engines. As soon as I put my phone down, (to enjoy it more “in person”, instead of watching from my phone screen), we started banking, where a beautiful view of JFK came into my sight, in the thick fog. ( I also have attached some other photos the flight)



Also visited the cockpit, here are some photos of that, and a special Boston Celtics livery parked at the gate next to us at MCO.


Very cool pictures, I love JetBlue! I was just at KMCO 2 weeks ago!

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That’s cool! These were taken a while back though, in November I think if I remember correctly

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I’ve been in a jetblue cockpit but in an a321!


Very cool! I flew on the jetblue a321 for the return flight, but not only was it the old cabin that they use on e190s, but it also only had only economy, no mint :/ I find it so cool how every cockpit on the a320 family is identical.

Wowwwwww very nice route! Nice trip! Nice photos! Keep doing ur amazing job showing us ur buddha photos!

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I have an OK cockpit shot of a Frontier A320NEO, on the ground at Liberia International Airport, before a flight to Atlanta. The aircraft in question was “Tex the Armadillo.”

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Looks cool!! I’ll post it in a separate post, but I have some pics of the a321 cockpit at night lol, and i find it so cool. If only IF represented the lighting and everything accurately in game lol

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Got this wing view of T5 id like to share here!


Very cool!

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