Cool to Hot PANC to KPHX

Hey IFC! This is my 3rd time posting here! Today we have @anon38496261’s Anchorage Haulin’ event! I did Anchorage (PANC) to Phoenix Sky Harbor (KPHX). Hope you enjoy!

Server: Training (@anon38496261 got a vio before the event)
Route: PANC to KPHX
Time: about 5 hours and 15 minutes

Waiting for the event pushback time at a busy Anchorage

First to pushback, but third to takeoff (a beautiful ro-tay-she-un)

The beautiful Alaskan scenery

Roses are red
Fly outs are cool
I am flying over
A giant swimming pool.

Mount Rainier in Seattle

Sunset over the Grand Canyon

Totally not flying over my house on the BRUSR1 STAR into PHX

Butter on Runway 08 at PHX

Parked at the gate on a warm summer evening

As always, thank you for viewing and feedback is appreciated!
Happy Landings!



Not gonna lie, that made me laugh :)

Also, great photos! Hope you had a nice flight!


I made it up myself 😂. Thank you!


Nice Grand Canyon is pretty epic not gonna lie! Just wait until I win with my thread when I’m done. 😏 jk lol 😂

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I dont edit my pictures soooooo

Epicc pics, im lovin the alaskan frontier 🙃
RIP to @anon38496261 ;(

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Yeah, it looked like the scenery up there was only 2D. What happened to him?

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this lol

he got that vio ;(

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Oh yeah, lol, I didn’t mind though, everyone kept it professional which was cool

It’s not scenery, it’s the topography that’s missing.

does anyone know why topography goes missing at certain places like alaska, northern canada etc…

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Yeah, that’s what I meant. 😂

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This blog explains the reasons why.


That’s neat! Thank you!

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Very interesting!

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You’re welcome! Also, nice pictures.

Thank you!

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Nice pics ;)

Thanks you very much!

Awesome pics!! i mean it

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