Cool thing to ask siri

If you have an apple device you cam ask siri (if u have it) just say “what flights are above me” and she or he replies with a chart and a map of planes above you. Its says the altitdue of the plane and the flight number. Its a really cool thing to do! Beat that android people.


Have anyone of u tried it

Yes I used to do this all the time. It tells u flight number, route, speed ,type ,etc

Have you ever ask Siri “what is 0 divided by 0?” Give that a shot


That one good, and so is “I am naked”.

You should also ask siri, “will you marry me”.

Not available in Australia :( @Blackbird71

You can try the flightradar24 app, its amazing, (if you don’t know it yet)


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Same, the pro version is worth it though