Cool TBM and XCUB Shots/Wallpapers

Unknown locations Doing training either at KROA or KFLL:

butter landing

The Flair

Some Mountain Shots and aerobatics in the XCUB

Me getting a desktop screensaver with one of my buddies in the TBM

Thanks For Reading,

Photos By Blake from USA_ATC


Hope Yall Enjoy These Photos

Nice photos, try flying with sr22 in the alps so beautiful.

Thanks I will the sr22 in my opinion is hard to fly and not rly realistic in IF the nose wheel goes out of the skirt and has a tendency to fall through the map

Blake USA_ATC Staff

True I used to stall all the time using it on takeoff.

Same here with me in my opinion the tbm and the c172 is just way better and way “stronger” in game. I absolutely LOVE it IRL but if i could get anything it would be the Cessna competitor of the sr22 I just think it looks better!

True and btw I still stall with all ga planes except for the TBM, okay I am getting a little bit off topic.

lol yep love the xcub though it is so easy and fun to fly