Cool take-off with beautiful colors

Hi! Today I wanted to share with you other screenshots of my take-off. I took off at sunset, which as always offers magnificent colors. The flight departs from Spain to arrive in France. I hope you like the photos.

Flight Information
Airbus A321-200 Iberia
Flight Time: 50 minutes
Cruising Altitude: 29,000ft
Server: Expert Server





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Today I also want to add one more thing to my topic: a quiz! it’s pretty simple but I wanted to change a bit by putting something new to me. So, LFBO is:

  • Nantes Atlantique Airport
  • Toulouse Blagnac Airport
  • Paris Orly Airport
  • Nice-Cote D’Azur Airport

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Nice Photos! Always love flying during Sunrise or sunset.

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Yes, it’s beautiful! Thank you!

Looks amazing!

  • Safe flying!
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Yes, it is! :) What a great takeoff, I loved it!

Do you have any long haul flight tips? Not really used to this the longest flight I’ve done was 3 hours.

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Sure, I can help you! During this period I am doing numerous long-haul flights. There are so many. I recommend flights such as EGLL-KJFK, LFPG-KJFK, KLAX-YSSY, YSSY-WSSS, KLAX-WSSS, KLAX-RCTP, KLAX-OMBD, EGLL-OMBD, and many more. You have a huge choice and these that I have proposed to you were only examples. You can check the topics detailed here in the IFC or search Flight Radar 24 for a long-haul flight you like by clicking randomly on the flights. I hope I have helped you!

Nice shoot ! 🔥

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Thank you ;)

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