Cool sunset screenshot

Hey everyone! This evening I’m doing a flight from KSJC to KSEA in an Alaska 737-900.

I just had a cool view of the last bit of sunset off the wingtip that I thought I would share!

I am currently in the training server.

Edit: I was in the Casual Server, not the Training Server when this pic was taken.

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Great Photo! Put per the category rules, HUD views etc, are not allowed, please have a look of the rules I have linked below!

Cheers mate! Have a good one! :)

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Gotta say, SunDown is a great time of day🤓 nice pic🙏🏽


I didn’t think that the airport names counted as “HUD view”? And from what I understand, the Display Names requirement pertains to other pilot callsigns.

If I’m wrong, I do apologize!

It’s all good. Airport names shouldn’t be shown in the photos as per the rules.

I just wanted to give you a heads up for your next post.

Can’t wait to see more screenshot topics from you!

Take Care mate!

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Thanks for the info/heads up! I appreciate it!

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I just dropped below the cloud line, on initial descent! Here’s a cool shot of the sky being a burnt orange.

Anyone know why the sky looks different when above vs. below the cloud line?


The Sun reflects off the individual water droplets of a cloud, making a shiny firey orange droplet, causing a cloud to turn orange, above the cloud, you see the sky also reflecting on the water droplets, causing a lighter orange looking cloud surface.

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very cool! I don’t do much night flying IRL, so I don’t usually see an effect like this!

Many early-morning flights though!

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Please make sure to follow the guidelines for #screenshots-and-videos, thanks!