Cool Pattern in flight path


pilot travelling in strange flight route.
What do you think he is doing


I think he fell asleep.


At least he is getting those extra flight hours. The passengers and not enjoying that though


That cool pattern is someone sleeping in late


There’s already another Topic created about this.

Basically when you fall asleep, forget to wake up in time or just oversleep pretty much, and you plane misses a waypoint, the Autopilot then tries to cover it by turning around but since you’re on your crusing speed which is way to high to turn sharply, therefore the planes keeps flying in circles.

This isn’t a flight plan pattern. It’s just one of those pilots who go to sleep and forgot to set a alarm lol

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looks like someone decided to descend into their sleep and not their flight
thank u thank u ill be here all night


Ok I get that bit like how do they make it go in circles…if you let the planes fly past the airport they keep going straight but not in circles

I know, that other topic covers the same thing. Someone who overslept and therefore created this masterpiece of art 😜

I want to make a flight plan of a tmb but I don’t know how

Those passengers are wondering

“I thought this was a 10 hour flight. Jeez we have been up here for at least 12 hours. Are you sure we are on the right flight?”

It depends on how sharp the turn is. If you turn 90 degrees at Mach 0.85, then your going round and round for a while, or forever…

If your waypoints are aligned as straight as possible then this shouldn’t happen :)

Yeah and hopefully he didn’t run out of fuel

Say goodbye to Grade 4…

so sad this happens daily in a dystopia known as ts1

“get this post to 5 million likes, one like = one soul saved”

Funny since the 4 most recent crashes I’ve had, I didn’t receive and violations, so I’m still up and running G4 ;)

I guess my plane just glided down somehow?

You are one lucky person I will tell you that.

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That is a lot of souls saved…

I guess I am… :/

They would also be asking, “Why are we turning so much?”

not enough for me to be satisfied, ts1 is a scary place my friend